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He's amazing cuties are 600 years of age they're old enough to be on their own but still need learning a caretaker and guardian will be provided to assist you if you need help to teach your new member. It is a huge responsibility to have a entity adolescent age one must take proper measures to ensure the care of these amazing and mannion's and the learning is completed. They are the reproduction of two of my mated dragons. They make phenomenal companions that are not only protective but also our adopt healers if properly trained they will be a neutral art Being. Fair the mix of and Gemstone Dragon and a molten or lava dragon. Usually these two do not interbreed however due to the hardness of the Gemstone Dragon and the resistance to heat that she has it was a very unique mesh and breeding that was done purely out of love and positivity. So far they have developed and shown abilities for healing as well as for protection but also they have shown resistant to heat and on some level they are able to withstand water temperatures as innate abilities. They do get to be full-sized however they are currently about the size of a boxer comparable to human biology scientifically speaking. They are very playful and they do enjoy roughhousing so it is important that you have some kind of knowledge on how to properly handle them and more experience. They specially like chewing on things and ham ruin things if you do not give them harder things to chew on.

Fire Gem Dragons

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