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   Take your favorite Pokemons and fuse them together do you ever wonder what she would get? What a miraculous abilities they would have the guests and what would their evolutions be like? Well now here bloody Skies of Fate we have the answer. These fusions have them brought to you by us. These will be called Astrias fusions and they are only for Pokemon fans everywhere!!!! They are servitors they can breed afe sentient and can learn. Each comes with an immensely and immersive Realm spefically for you and your lovely fusions. Creating the world of pokemon in the astral realm. Your realm is separated by doors and able to be accessible by members that you allow access to. There is a whole world of fusions out there for discovery. Each access to this and 3 fusions are $120. You can choose 2 or 3 pokemon to fuse. This is a beautiful and safe place.

Fusiama Pokemon

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