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Name:  Fuzzy 
Age:  822
Species:  Creation 
Likes:  daydreaming sweets enabling your mischievous and bad decisions 
Gender Identification:  female 
 This cue individual actually was created by me and is a form of a thought form. I created there are multiple days ago while at 1 of The Times when my blood sugar was too high I was daydreaming the and created her. She loves the energy from daydreaming and from when you have consumed too much sweets she has big pink lips she is a bright blue ball of fuzz that is very comfortable and smells like all kinds of candies her feet and legs are Orange and then she has a bright vivid green I that changes color to purple. Fuzzy just wants to be your best friend and comfort you whenever you need mind you she can get into a bit of trouble and is quite a bit of a trickster in a positive way she likes to play tricks and jokes and kind of enable your bag decision making like impulsive decisions that alternately lead to things like shopping too much eating too much candy ....those types of things. Fuzzy seeks a home that is as awesome as she is!!!  So enjoy whoever decides to be her future keeper being as awesome as fuzzy herself!!! She always accepts ya and NEVER pushes boundaries unless they are her own!!

Artwork drawn by me


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