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This spell is to prepare ones four bodies to be able to planewalk. It gives you a beneficial and protective guardian to ensure your safety as someone new to plane walking. This spell is done in there stages and is offered by me but demon can do it if you want. This prepares your bodies for the mental capacity that you will require the alertness you will require as well as the stamina a determination and understanding that she will require during plane walking experiences. This is the Specialty Service and it can take up to a month for you to receive all information.


This is eight stages of spell work at a specialty conjure for you. The first four stages are done on the physical body to ensure your mental emotional spiritual and physical capacities are blockage free and able to handle plane walking. if they're not then on comes the task of preparing them to be which is another stage of itself. Once this is completed we move on to your spirit spiritual self and do the same with it and we repeat this with the astral and high ourselves. This service is special and can take up to a month or more to process and complete.

Gateway to the Stars

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