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Vetted 01/05/19- 10/03/21

In Cambodia there is a cryptid called the gilled antelope. It is believed to have a set of gills. Give it an extraordinary strength when swimming that allow for it to Swim at all! Why later people came in fact another species they were sadly mistaken it is not displaying however sometimes they are known to wander through portals and be seen. They are the size of a normal antelope however they have gills near their sinuses and on their neck. They bring great luck to their keeper as well as hope and change when one is needing extraordinary transformation in their life. Are extremely friendly but kind of territorial it's not wise to have more than one within your keep. They get along with most other water species and are incredibly playful. They enjoy offerings of mugwort tea, sweet meadow grass and feverfew as well as Offerings of fresh flowers such as morning glories. Every now and again they may ask you for a sugar cube as they like to eat them similar to a horse.

Gilled Antelope

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