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Character Kairi 
• Preferred Name: Jelica 
• Species: Knight of the Forgotten Realm Character BNV
• Age: Young Adult 
• Gender: female 
• Pronouns: she/her 
• Sexuality:  bisexual 
• 18+?: y 

She's extremely sweet and bright extremely outgoing and sweet she's very protective she often wears very jeweled one piece leotard type clothing and it's often see-through except for the jeweling across the bog ice. She has a broadsword that she uses to defend her keeper or herself she loves to go on adventures and is extremely promiscuous in sexual she's a very kinky lady but she is a lady in the streets and a slut in the sheets not a freak a slut she's very particular about this. She likes his name calling in bed and light pain. 
Companion Notes
She's extremely friendly and protective intelligent and cunning she goes above and beyond to help her keep her and is extremely strategic and tactical she's an inventor and an engineer she loves to create


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