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  Located in the realm of dreams where on the dark side of the moon there and we do mean Earth's Room moon. There are many lunar beings that come from here that our species from skies of fate. Me enjoy having fun hoping you with lunar arts this is a nocturnal realm and many other beings here are either blind or photosensitivity.  This means that they cannot see in sunlight there so accustomed to living in the fotress that its a near impossiblity for them to see in our realm during the day.While most of the realm does look very eerie it is just where it is covered in complete darkness and nocturnal it's actually a wa to ba area.

We offer many lunar species that call this place home.
☆ Saphire Vampires
☆ Dark Side of the Moon Fairy
☆ Lunar Elves
☆ Lunar Demons 
 These are just some of the species from this area that we offer there are others.

Lunar Fortress

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