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**Mermaid of Chaos**


These amazing mermaids are similar to siren, however unlike a siren they do not feed on men,  on humans, or eat meat.  They are birthed in  the deep depths of chaotic waters, because their mother was a mermaid and their father was the Greek God Poseidon. Due to this they are very chaotic in nature. Their maternal great grandmother was also a siren. They have very bright beautiful colors, as well as part of their tail is almost shell-like in quality.  There is a unqiues trait of theires where their tails go a little bit above the knee, and then ends right halfway to the hips. The armor like shell meets at that joint and forms a unique protective exoskeleton over their genitalia. Their stomachs look muscular in nature almost as if their muscles are on the outside, but they are abs, as well as  some of them do have tendrils where their hair is located, but otherd still have a set of unique thin like structures on their arms, and where their ears would be.  They often have webbed fingers which allows them to have the ability to stick to rocks and other ocean environmental stuctures. This allows them to  help pull themselves up from the depths. They are beautiful as well as chaotic although this may sound like they are monstrous they are far from it! They are gorgeous in a unique and terrifying way. Their voice like a sirens making it  very angelic and can draw people to them although they do not use this as a feeding method. They use it as a way to use magic, and promote calming waters,  or  they can use it tp bring about storms on the oceanfront. If they have been attacked by humans they may use this to defend themselves, thus this has been lead to actually cause shipwrecks at times. They are not the ones you hear drowning people for fun. This is often a misconception  and the only way this occurs is in a more  self-preservation  and self defense situation. They will do anything to protect their own kind, however  they do not like being seen by humankind , thus are very reclusive in nature the ones who do step forward is companions often are outcasts or do not have anyone left in their pods. They enjoy offerings of storm candles,  ocean candles,driftwood, seashells,  but are willing to try new things too. You will often see them sitting amongst shipwrecks mourning the loss of life, because even though they do it for self-preservation they hate unesssary deaths and violence.  As far as culture they will often wear pearls, and shells in their hair to make them look more gorgeous.  They  typically have blue and green  skin tones. Their festivals honor the ocean,  it's life, as well as everything that it provides them from food,  a place to live, this is because the ocean is everything to them and they worship their father devoutly! The species is protected by Poseidon himself, and if one of them choose you often Poseidon will pay you a visit to make sure you are respecting his children!The enjoy their living, way of life, and would like to see something different. They have unique rituals. rites, as well as festivals, last but not least practices that are unique to their culture!

Mermaids of Chaos

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