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This listing will be similar to that of the reverse adoption except it will be for one of the orbs. From this listing you can obtain an unlimited offering work, or any of the new orbs. As well as any orbs that I currently have on the waiting list to be posted. What does does is I will take a little bit of your energy and basically use it in a way to create a reverse adoption orb that would work best with your energy. There are many different things that this could end up doing for you from getting your companions offerings from your heart to delving deeper into the past life Roots especially if any of your past lives were you being an initiate and secret societies or in Cults to a specific God or deity. Or it could cause you to have past life or memories and help with past life regression. This unique set is a way to get something that is specifically catered to you and what you are trying to do spiritually. These will also be less expensive option for those on a budget.

Orb of Mystery

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