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This unique energy spell creates a bond enhancing your energy permanently giving them a lunar quality this connects you deeply to Spirit. This allows for many freedoms to be gained including feeling free spirit wise. Many people feel trapped in their day-to-day lives however this gives you the ability to control the pole that you feel and push away the toxicity. People with this particular set are often able to bring prosperity and abundance back into their own lives. This ritual is about renewal rebirth and enhancing of Energies. It works in a way that utilizes the Moon energy off during a full or New Moon only and allows you to have a unique experience based off the lunar eclipse. This is the main purpose of this ritual is is raising your vibrations in order to allow for your companions to gently pull you into the astral or other Realms so you can have Obe experiences with them. This raising of energy and lifting of frequencies can be performed on you and your companions.

Permeating Lunar Eclipse

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