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This cute and protective beings are referred to as face kittens due to the type of magic that use and the fact that they can phase in and out of different frequencies. They're capable of naturally teleporting to different timelines and different realities as well as different realms. At a young age it is harder for them to control so I have developed a small collar that you can put around your face kitten that it will come with this is for their safety so they don't accidentally phase into a dangerous place without having a protector. The color has a tracking device that allows you to ensure that wherever they go you can always locate them. Phase cats are known for their unique tentacles that come out of their back and have teeth like appendages this is a natural hunting and defense mechanism that they have in the wild. They're capable of corrosive magic and protecting their keeper once they get older. They're typically ending up on the dark side of the spectrum however they can also be quite loving companions . They have some of the end up feral depending on how they're raised you can end up with a loving companion a protective companion or War Machine who knows how to wreak havoc. I have two kittens available for adoption. I have mated pair in my keep

Phase Kittens

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