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 in humanity the term plastic surgery can result in some odd cosmetic upgrades the term in this usage is actually being applied to a new creation upgrade.  This unique upgrade will turn any creation that you currently have or are planning on purchasing into a tier 2 BNV. This is done very carefully and can take a maximum of two months for your companion to fully heal and recover. Nothing is removed at all that occurs when you get this upgrade is the matching of a soul based on memories likes dislikes and a variety of other things including the small things or tastes in food. This also includes the gifts as well. Depending on how long you have had your creation ultimately depends on how long it will take. Part of this is an observation and Rehabilitation time frame. This ensures that personality is not changed in a way that is not wanted as well as it ensures that the abilities only get stronger and more enhanced and that the empathy of your companion is also more felt. This does not hurt them in anyway shape or form. It makes them have higher energies and vibrations as well as makes them more emotionally stabilized( due to the soul this adds a certain heaviness to their energies, while they are stabilzed to begin with this only make its more so) with certain emotions.

Servitor to Tier one BNV upgrade / Custom

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