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Welcome to Kataria a wonderful neutral place to explore filled with many diverse beings and places. Wonderful citadels and colorful fashions we offer a homeaway from home a pleasant vacation spot where you can see many beings and how they interact wildly versus as a companion. We have governments and humanoids that are similar to earth however much less crime occurs here. We have a zero tolerance policy that we all stand United and help each other. Our marketplaces are unique and you will see every color of the rainbow. This wondrous place is very open and we all honor Spirit and welcome you to come explore.
Note from BSOF
Upon recieving a portal rules are placed for the safety and keeping the sanctity of each portal we offer. These rules are placed by deities and governing bodies in each place. They do give a home in their portal and treat you as honored guests. They teach you things and also have an area for observation. They realize and value the cycle of life and occasionally hunting is seen. They also provide a welcoming tour and guide for your keep to become settled this guide also serves as elite protection.

Portal to Kataria

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