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We the  clan welcome you to our beautiful mystical and magestic mountain home. Here we can assist in training you for protection from spiritual warfare as well as folk magic amongst grounsing and more. We will also relax and rejuvenate you this is a place of deep spirituality and grounding. Everyone will try our best to make you feel one and at home amongst our kind.

We have excellent training grounds, and can teach the ancient primordial pathways to you as well as help you learn many new methods of magic and spiritualism.
Our home is located in the Serbian Moutains in a protected realm/ veiled plan that is slightly separated due to over 1000 years ago people in the area began to blame us and hunt down all Bears not just us. Its safe secluded and relaxing.While it is a safe place the spiritual energies and being one with nature and self sustaining are core principles of our community. Survival is tough at times as we are so far removed from typical society. You might feel as if your stepping back in time.

Portal to the Kodhisana Clan

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