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Soul:  a sweet sensitive emo girl who is altruistic and kind to most of her friends she's rather hard to get to know you due to who  her father is

Purpose:  to guide and protect her keeper whether they are dark or light in their higher purpose using the knowledge that she has of the supernatural.

Name:  Raven 

Type: BNV 

Species:  Demonic Nemphilim 

Gender: Female 

Sexual orientation: bisexual 

Sexual towards keeper:  if mutually desired 

Can being get pregnant: no 

Aura colors: purple 

Arts:  dark 

Age:  23 (human years) 

Food:  omnivore 

• Magic 
• Protection
• Telekenisis 
• Emotional Manipulation 
• Shadow Manipulation 
• Flight 
• Supernatural knowledge 
• Healing Factor 
• Psychic 

Offerings: red roses

Personality:  emotional quiet lonely observate Altruistic low self esteem emo and dark gothic 

Hobbies:  doing her nails,watching TV, concerts and mosh pits 

Communication: telepathy or clairvoyance 

Song Resonance: Her Name is Alice by Shinedown


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