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Sacres Mini Celestial Spiral Tower Mini Realm
 15 this amazing and chanted many realm has aspired that is mushroom shaped and draws an arcane and kosmos energy from the center spire to you. It is a place where elfin magic  and small faith can go to learn and secret there is a monila fae   Who is the head guide at this location and she assists in teaching. Any of your companions can enter this domain what they would do as they would end up using magic to make them smaller so they fit into their area. Having one of these in your astral Kingdom is very beneficial as it gives your young ones a place to go to learn about magic safely and they never a need to fear at being in an unsafe environment or location. It has many protection spells wards and barriers so even if you decided to let them placed it outside for a time you are still able to ensure their safety.

Sacred Mini Celestial Spiral Tower Mini Realm

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