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Not Applicable for sales or ddc Benefits

Paths/ skills and abilities Involved

Anism, Santeria, soul work, bilocation and nde, rebirth and transformation

What does this do?

 This is a unique ritual and artifacts that not only awakens you after having you having a near-death experience while sleeping you are rebirthed through the serpent Venom spiritually which allows you have a better understanding and less fear of reptiles as well as a put you and more of a spiritual trance states when you wish to go into one and opens you to communication and other dormant abilities it varies from person to person on what the abilities are.

How does this work?

I must invoke and give offerings to our Holy Lady of Death and she then will bring you into her safe space and allows her  Serpent's to crawl on you and they bite you their venom puts you into a near-death experience while Santa Muerte is protecting you and when she reawakens you with her own special potion out of this serpent Venom it will bring you certain abilities and gifts.

Is it safe?

Yes, our holy Lady of death watches over you throughout the entire process ensuring your safety.


Yes this is definitely an exclusive at this this is something the Our Lady of Holy Death has only bestowed upon me specifically to be able to do for clients.

Sante Muerta's Serpentine Kiss

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