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Soul:  a cute chibi and child like being of the zodiac 

Purpose: to look cute do fun irl things with you and help you understand zodiac magics 
Name:  Sisimeia( Cee-see-meh-uh) 

Type: BNV 

Species:  Magical Girl 

Gender: Female 

Sexual orientation: Asexual 

Sexual towards keeper: no 

Can being get pregnant: no 

Aura colors:  Silver and Dark blue 

Arts:  dark arts 

Age:  19 years old on earth years 

Food:   omnivore 

•  Call of Saturn 
•  Magical Familiar 
•  Use of the Zodiac for many things this is limited to unable to take a life or bring a life back or harm innocents. 
• Protection 
• Microbursts of energy 
• Ethereal singing 
• Shadowmancy 
• Lunar magic 
• Connections to Saturn 
• Crystalmancy 
• Gemstone Magic 
• Arcane Magic 
• Teaching 
• Being a friend 

Offerings: sugar cookies 

Personality:  bubbly sweet helpful she tends to have a more morbid sense of humor at times but she also enjoys having fun she sticks out because of the fact that she try so hard not to stick out go ahead she enjoys singing and dancing and is very much like a small child she can be immature at times she's quite sarcastic when she chooses to be and he is very quick-witted and doll like

Random information: she has an eerie laugh but is sweet and warm with hugs 

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, calling energies, pulling things into being and gently helping things pass on 

Communication: telepathy or clairvoyance 
Song Resonance:  Say Something by A Great Big World

Comes with change in outfit and 2 magical pets and 2 pages


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