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We have several houses with different relaxing designs decor and rooms all aimed at providing Immortal quality services.

3 services $45

Argumentation only for those who are not pregnant. $15 for consultation price varies and is discussed with the Surgeon via channeling.

Baby Matters

This is a check up bundle for bnv, companion and more. A variety of methods are able to used for the check up.

☆ Modern Medicineusing the technology from our society today to perform testing etc. $25

☆ Life Doula Using ancient methods of your companions ancestors or our ancestors to check on mommy and baby. $10

☆ Holistic all organic and uninvasive using techniques of Holistic medicine and healing $25.00 Add ons

☆Dolphin / or Pool Birth $30.00

☆ Galactica Painless Processduring this no pain is felt in any self as birthing occurs. $30.00



Spas and sauna

Much more plus a 24 hr stay.

Star of the Cosmos Retreat 3 services

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