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Tei the Jelly Slime Deino  Pokémon Bnv
comes with full bio within 2 wks 

 Well I don't seem to have the consistency and abilities of a slime he is more the consistency of jello more of a  bounce to him then a slime would have.  Ironically enough he taste like raspberry and cream jello although this can vary you can ask him to taste like watermelon or any other pink fruited variety all he has to do is look it or taste it and he can shift into it and make himself small that way this is great for those who have infatuation  with licking things they shouldn't.   Their special abilities and gifts that you are given when you lick this be envy ironically enough he does can have a dog like temperament so he might just lick you back to. XD

Tei the Jelly Slime Deino  Pokémon Bnv

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