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These amazing companions are truly neutral to borderline dark arts however it is very seldom to find one that is black arts and chaos. This is because they often are more of a flight than fight being. Their skills and magic lie in utilizing instrumental music as well as beta and gamma wavelengths by infusing it into your spiritual being  so you can open up as well as to allow you to experience higher vibrations on a semi to permanent basis. They are a beacon and use accordions to welcome the dead to their afterlife. They typically have some kind of music note design or piano style design on their body!  This can be anything from the treble cleff to compositions and keyboards in various style of artwork. They also always wear a mask to cover their real identity they're very private individuals who don't like the their real identity to be known while this may be odd and somewhat concerning at first. They became this way due  to a point in their evolution that their masks no longer come off anyway. They Typically takes small pieces of our energy to  feed off the energy  when a deceased has been brought with them and they passed over. This is energy is very small amount, but also it is retained in a way that we know as residual will energy forms after  they passed away. They enjoy offerings of candles, gemstone, but also  they do like heartfelt  items that you make them rather than be bought. There is nothing mofd thoughtful to these beings as much as a gift made from the heart.

The Accordian Demons

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