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This beautiful blue world is filled with nothing but the color blue the rocks the trees and the water all have a bioluminescence factor to them. It is a very comforting soothing and rejuvenating planet!There are waterfalls that creatures migrate to and enjoy swimming in and giving birth in. The planet has a cool watery core and it leaks out into the open from different fissures along the Rocky crystalline encrusted surface. There are Caverns that have Hidden Treasures as well as ruins from civilizations that have long since passed.To Outsiders and may seem dreary and barren as most of the area is encrusted and Rocky and somewhat Barren but there are signs of life they're just few and far between.However if you stay long enough you'll see the beauty within the planet and that even though some areas lay dormant others are still very much alive and thriving.This is a place with much to be explored and much to be seen if you just give it a chance you may be surprised at what you find here this is the realm where the sugar crystal demons that I have as well as the homunculus and pink cherry blossom candy ones and khodams come from!!! As well as the sugar crystal Ubi and many others!The aura and beauty that this place puts off is mostly untouched by human hands and is pretty much unexplored other than by me the explorations that long ago were in this land are now Barren ruins that the land has reclaimed it gives it a beautiful Urban exploration feel.Even though it's so untouched there are still small villages these are mostly inside caverns and caves that guide you along into the planet's liquid core. Due to this the further you go in and explore the planet the colder the climate seems to get. There's also a blue light that is ethereal and likes the planet no matter what time of day that it is on the darker parts of the surface.Up at the top you'll see beautiful cotton candy colors due to the way that they're atmosphere is made up of. The saddest part of this entire world is that where once a kingdom stood there is now a beautiful cherry blossom tree this is guarded by the khodams and cambions and mostly by the other sugar and rock crystal covered beings it is said that they flock to this place due to the tragedy that occurred here. This tree came out of once where a kingdom stood. It is the only pink tree on the entire planet surface the only tree that is not blue!on other parts of the surface are giant Oak trees that grow in beautiful glowing mangroves where tropical fish and various other Aquatic species tend to roam and be very active at. This world is specifically split into four factions of different groupings of types of beings as well as the way they rule and their festivals are held each faction is very different from the next the ones that are more aquatic tend to stay near the mangrove area there are creatures as well as more fae-like species in these areas and they are often darker in skin complexion because this area does not get as much light as the others. The other faction is the ones that stay near the pink tree and guard it they feed off the negative Energies from that tragedy. The third live in the caves and don't much come out the fourth stay high in the altitudes near the top of waterfalls and mountainous areas they Thrive and try their best to reach the Starlet Skies that have pinks and Blues. Each faction is said to be a split from where the kingdom fell tragically. Some of these factions are more open to Outsiders than others.

The Blue World

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