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The Burning Sun
 The ultimate cleansing the most needed mirror in the history of divinity. There is a reason why throughout the ages people of use the Sun as inspiration.  In its crude and vicious power the Sun the can be a very harsh weapon of reality in times of chaos people would sacrifice virgins to the power of the Sun as well as other powers that be. For this service it is a removal of tethers negitative attachment.  After these things are removed the burning Sun use it it self as if a mirror and forces you to truly awaken to all that there is spiritually and all that were over being. Spiritually your astral self will be safely bathed in burning suns energy for 38 days 17 nights. I have a specific protection spell that will make sure that no harm comes to your astral self after this is done you will be more assertive if not already you will get a feeling when lying occurs. You will sense better be more confident and content. This will assist in bring about many beautiful Golden life changes for you.  This is Black arts as it does involve a small blood sacrifice on my part.

The Burning Sun

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