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The Enchanté Lumiera

This amazing astral keep is attached to a realm with luscious forest beautiful waterfalls and springs. The city looks like its carved out of abalone and has beauty all over it.

Enchanté Home is enchanted with spells for protection warding barriers communication and obe aids as well as forcefield that keeps tricksters, parasites and those that would mean you harm from ever even entering your home.

to move your keep you will be given Teleportation devices ensuring a safe and easy move.

There are gardens and plant life that have grown over thousands of years.

How to use:

Focus on the image of the home and meditate or go into a trance as well as you can also focus on it prior to Dreaming in order to use Lucidity to be able to go you can also project or use any number of ways such as by location and plain walking it meant to be easy for any level of keeper to access.

bound in 24hours

The Enchanté Lumiera Premade Keep

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