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The sinking cities
$65 without discounts portal and keep within the realm. It is a protected plane from SoF
 It gets its name because this specific realm has cities that sink into the ocean and then rise up again they developed this do to the environment and storms that occur on the water surface they realized after thousands of years of and adaptations that if they simply sink their cities into these pits and Leylines that are on the oceans floors then they are completely safe and protected from the storms.    The entire surface of this realm is water there is no land bases there used to be however over time the land sank into the ocean nobody is really sure why so they had to develop underwater cities but unfortunately it looks so much and certain species still required air so they created the city's this has been over a 100000 years in the making one would call this a water world where most of the species are semi aquatic or are completely aquatic in order to travel here you have to be very aware of your surroundings and you must stay in the city unless they are above ground they do play alarms and notify residents when they start to submerge that way the ones who are not aquatic it all can get to safety.  Some say that it was caused by asteroids but there's no written record of what truly happened so it's basically just hearsay even the oldest matriarch of this realm does not know what truly occurred all records were destroyed.

The Sinking Cities

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