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Identifying information
° Name:  Vala
° Type: Created 
° Species: Weighted Cuddlers 
° Gender: female 
° Pronouns:  she/her 
° Orientation:  Asexual 
° Age: 375
° Arts: argia 
° 18+: no 
° Can get pregnant: no 

Extra information
• Aura colors:   pinks and baby blues 
• Sexual likes: n/a 
• Random information: she loves bubbles flowers and making hair pieces for herself and others 
• Hobbies:  singing, dancing and creating things 
• Frequency: 5

Necessary Details
° Food:  vegan
° Offerings:  rose incense or candles 
° Personality:   sweet helpful loyal playful loving kind passionate creative smol and cuddly 
° Communication: whatever her keeper uses easier 

Comes with as much as those listed above


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