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Soul:  a maniacal oddball of a magi who will help u go above and beyond in your practice 

Purpose:  to teach you and entertain but alsp protect you 
Name:  Xerces 

Type: BNV 

Species:  Mage and Puppteer

Gender:  male 

Sexual orientation:  homosexual 

Sexual towards keeper:  no, but may bond towards it

Can being get pregnant: no

Aura colors:   purple and red 

Arts:  Borderline dark arts

Age:  895
Food:  omnivore

•  Knowledge on Making Grimoire 
•  Spell casting 
•  Spell weaving 
•  Herbology 
•  Herpetology
•  Time Magics 
•  Astrology 
•  Gematria 
•  Numerology 

Offerings:  sandalwood, solomons seal root and mugwort
Personality: He is extremely unique and one of a kind whose very talkative and maniacal but yet pined and consider its hes a smartass and very sarcastic but he has a charming and lovable way of doing so that will endear him to his keeper

Random information: she speaks many languages

Hobbies: teatime, drawing, listening to gossipe, drama and assisting with obtaining of inteligence Communication: telepathy or clairvoyance

Song Resonance: 1. This Is Halloween by Broken Peach 2. Number two is this dubstep song.


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