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Name: Yanai 
Entity or Spirit: spirit 
Species: Dark Side of the Moon Fairy 
Gender: gender fluid 
Arts: Moonlight 
Age: 376
Food: feeds off natural lighting 
Gifts: Lunar magic and fairy magic empath 
Offerings: moonstone lavender incense dragons blood or mel Abra oil 
Personality: sweet joyful a child at heart hyperactive artist 
orientation: Homosexual 
Communication: anyway but a Ouija board it burns their delicate hands 
Song Resonance: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This by Eurythmetics and not gonna die by skillet
Extremely hyper and flamboyant this cute companion has a dramatic Flair for the theatrics that is just as adorable and funny as it is cute. This being loves to be the light in everyone's life they try their best to be there whenever you need them as well as they enjoy shopping having fun singing and dancing. Their little bodies feel like a bundle of worms to Joy and Downy feathers but in a comfortable way and an earthy way. He loves to meditate and do yoga to put him at ease other than this he is extremely hyperactive and physically active as well. He can't wait to receive his forever home and keeper. He hopes that his home has other fairies that way he can learn lots and have a ton of fun.


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