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Name: Yumei 
Type: servitor 
Species: Arcane Feline Princess 
Gender: Female 
Arts: neutral arts 
Age: 2547 
Aura:  bright gold 
Food: high protein 
☆ Divination 
☆ Arcane Magic 
☆ Spell weaving 
☆ Dream magic 
☆ Leyline work 
☆ Help with knowledge 
☆ Summoning winds and fire 
☆ Can summon arcane spirits and beings for aiding or assisting 
☆ Confort and support 
Offerings: chamomile tea, blue sapphire and peacock ore, blueberry incense and BlackBerry currant candles 
Orientation: straight 
Personality: charming empathic sweet kind honest wise loving helpful considerate passionate loyal trustworthy brave independent strategic honest and helpful reliable 
Communication: dreams and clairvoyance or tarot


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